Isn’t it easier to handle a property when someone is residing in it? As long as the property is YOUR responsibility, you want things to run smoothly. A vacant property is no less than an eyesore for the owner. Neither does it give you any rent, nor it is catering to your needs. There are plenty of risks involved in owning a vacant property. Go on and read further to know the top risks.

1. High costs of insurance
Insurance companies are aware of risks associated with a vacant property, and they like to play safe. They keep in mind the damage, vandal, and squatters before insuring your house. To make sure that you get hassle-free insurance, the property should not be further classified as empty and should be sold ASAP.

2. Damage to property
What if a pipe bursts and you are unaware? What if a mouse finds its way and feeds upon the wrong wire? There will be no one to intervene till things get out of hand. A vacant property is a bane. If you are far away, you will be unconscious of the misshapen. To be on the safer side, selling a vacant property will safeguard you from witnessing risks turning into damage.

3. Intrusion or vandalism
If a group of vandals notices that the house is empty, they might want to take out some bottles of colored spray and showcase their painting skills on your property. Even worse, if a stone flies through your window, it will incur a considerable cost for no reason. Next, an intrusion is also a risk. If someone breaks into the house, there is no one to dissuade him/her or inform the authorities.

4. High maintenance costs
If your property is not giving you any money, every penny you spend on it becomes an unnecessary cost. If you are not living there, these are not a part of your living expenses. The better way to decrease your negative cash flow is to sell it to avoid maintenance costs.

5. Unable to fill the property
If your property is in bad shape, you might face long trouble renting it out. If you are fed up with it, there is a way to sell. Professional cash home buyers will be the most interested in this deal.


Selling property to a professional cash home buyer is much easier than selling to a regular buyer. One such cash home buyer is EZ-Way-Out which buys property in any condition. If you sell your house to them, they’ll fix up the property. They have enough patience and time to handle this responsibility. You can check their website They offer cash offers for properties in any condition. So, let your property be their problem, and BE A FREE BIRD yourself.

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We will need some key information from you in order to put together an offer for your home. Property specifications are helpful, as is information about recent upgrades or renovations like bedrooms, baths, pool, or additions that may not be recorded in the public records.

Next, we will gather information about the current property condition and situation. EZ-Way-Out takes pride in providing honest offers we believe in. We only make meaningful offers with the full intention to follow through and seriously consider the condition of your home before doing so.

Your goals are important to us. Some sellers want to close as soon as possible, while others prefer to stay at the house for a while. We can help resolve probate, foreclosure, tax auctions, and problem tenants. Knowing your goals with your home sale lets us create an offer right for you.


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